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images from development work

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interim statement of practice

The work considers the notion of mass production and commodity in architecture and capitalism. The project has been moving along several threads simultaneously in the form of text-based work, 3D based work and commodity-based work. Of the three the one that has been the most successful is the commodity-based work with the 3D work a very close second.

The experiments I have done so far with the text-based work have not been as successful as I had hoped. However, with more research and time spent on them I believe they will develop into coherent and successful series of works.

Some of the work has begun to become more focused on a 3D point of view in the form of small clay houses. The use of clay directly references the red brick houses that the project is based on and is very useful due to its pliable qualities, which allow the artist to draw into them in detail. The small houses that have been derived from the A0 prints created before the assessment are very small, only a few centimeters in height and width. They entice the viewer to look closer to them and after a while works to distort their perspective.

The next steps for this work are to create a cast of one of the better made houses and make lots of slip cast houses to be fired. These houses will then be painted in detail to look like miniature versions of the red brick houses. These houses will be deposited around town as a form of public art, while others will be lines up to create almost an indoor town or part of a town. This will link with the work made before that discusses mass production and architecture. Another part of the 3D work will be to create a block of houses from one long piece of clay.

The other successful part of the project has been the commodity-based work. One of the works is a process of bartering the mass produces prints are bartered and swapped for a material used to build small houses. This has led to a very interesting set of houses being made and a very interesting and challenging set of materials to work from.

From that process receipts were written out for each transaction that have been displayed alongside the objects bartered for. This is an ongoing work that will develop and evolve as more people trade their materials for a print. The result will be a collection of small and unique houses.

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post card



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new template small

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New template for a print



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Final work to present at assessment

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