Mairi Singleton

Email: kaia1479@hotmail.com



Present,          BA Hons in Fine Art, University of Cumbria, Carlisle, U.K.

2009-2011,   HND Contemporary art Practice, Edinburgh’s Telford College, U.K

2009-2008    BTEC Foundation Art and Design, Edinburgh’s Telford College, U.K


Group Exhibition:

2011                 Mearns art house, Stonehaven

2011                 C’est nai pas une orange, Edinburgh’s Telford College

2011                 Pop Up Housing, Superclub Studios

2010                 The great big art show, HND year 1, Edinburgh’s Telford College

2009                 The great big art show, BTEC Foundation, Edinburgh’s Telford College



2011                C’est nai pas une orange, catalogue


Related work experience:

2011                Curator and Invidulator of ‘Reclaimed’ Axo Gallery, Edinburgh, U.K

2011                Gallery Assistant at Axolotl in Edinburgh


Art education work experience:

2011                Visiting artist, P4 Art Workshop mask project, St Mary’s Bathgate, U.K

2009-2011    P 7 School Camp Supervisor

2011                Visiting artist, P6 and P4 Drawing Workshop construction project St Mary’s                                Bathgate, U.K

2011                Visiting artist, P1 art class – time project

2011                Visiting artist, P4 art project – under the sea

2011                Pathways Project Mentor

2011               Working with professional artists on community project

2009               Group leader in Set design for theatrical show P6

2009               Volunteering in high school art one day a week

2008               Volunteering in high school two periods a week in art




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