Artist Statement

At the moment my work considers the theme of architecture. Specifically, the notion of repetition and pattern in architecture. This theme became of interest to me when I moved to Carlisle and was confronted by what seemed like an endless sea of practically identical houses. I was enticed by the way the houses were constructed to fulfill a demand and as a result were designed too make the best use of the space and labor. I began to investigate the facade of the houses and look at why they were built. After some research I found that my interest lay in the notion of capitalism and the modular in response to the local architecture sample I decided to look at. The sample group ended up being focused to just one image of one house. The houses, built by the mill because the mill workers needed family homes close to their place of work in a time of great profitability in the booming textiles industry. The mill funded the building of the houses and as such many of the houses are visually akin to the mill itself.

The process of repetition is vital to my work as one of the concerns of the project is the notion of mass production. A template that can be reproduced over and over at minimal cost. Due to the importance of this process some of the techniques I employ in the project are screen print and various printing methods, photocopying and casting. I mostly use black and white printing in my current work as it relates to the notion of the initial unmodified template, a house that hasn’t been changed due to a current or previous owners taste.


1 Response to Artist Statement

  1. Mike Castling says:

    Having seen your work at the Galley and talked it through with you – there is so much to discuss on attitudes to the mass-produced “identical” product / image – but after looking at your vertical roll which resembled wallpaper or stamps – I had a vision of a roll of Penny Black stamps in which the profile of Queen Victoria gradually morphed into your images of the mass-produced terraces in which her subjects lived…..

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